Fun on the Beach – News – Fla. Lifeguard Drives Over Sunbather’s Head

Sharks in the water, lifeguards on the beach… no one is safe on Florida beaches anymore!

For the second time, a Miami Beach lifeguard driving a truck has run over a sunbather lying on the beach.

Miami Beach Fire Chief Javier Otero said the 3,400-pound lifeguard truck ran over 19-year-old Jillian Gonzalez’s head and shoulder on Sunday. An official said the soft sand likely saved her life because she was able to stand upright after being run over, according to the report.
“Get me help, get me to a hospital, my face is broken, my face is broken,” Gonzalez said.

Lifeguard Orlando Artiz drove over an embankment and narrowly missed Gonzalez’s friend Daniel Martinez before running over and crushing an ice chest and then running over Gonzalez’s head.

She was treated at a hospital and released.

A similar incident happened in 2003 when two sisters visiting from France were run over by a Miami Beach police officer. One of them died and the other was seriously injured.

After the 2003 incident, rules were established so it would not happen again.

Obviously those rules were quite effective…


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