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I’m currently reading Robert Spencer’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades). At several points throughout the book, Mr. Spencer suggests other books that the reader might want to check out. Naturally, I popped over to http://amazon.com/o/redirect?tag=lanoitarcom-20&creative=374525&camp=211173&link_code=ur1&path=subst/home/home.html Amazon to check on availability, and immediately got lost for over an hour just reading the wildly varying range of reader comments added to all the http://amazon.com/o/search-handle-url/002-8708779-3032059?url=index%amp;3Dblended&field-keywords=islam&Go.x=10&Go.y=11&Go=Go books on Islam. In the process, I added a few to http://amazon.com/gp/registry/2UA47WXRFJC9P my “Wishlist” as a means to bookmark them (is there any other realistic use for this?). In a fit of curiousity, I decided to see how my list would appear to someone other than me, and I entered my own name in the “find a wishlist” function. WOW… there’re TWENTY EIGHT wishlists for “Jonathan Murray”! I just browsed through each of them and learned a little something about 27 people who share my name. One is a budding cartoonist; one wants to be a realtor; one watches way too many ‘B’ movies (or wants to); and one is interested in Naval history!

And since I’ve now linked my own list here… I’ll make a point to add things to it that will help others learn something about me. I’m not trying to get anyone to buy me things (although you’re certainly welcome to!), just offering another means to share some of my interests. While you’re there, search for your name, too!

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