Prison Justice

Murder jury views video of frantic effort to save priest

WORCESTER, MASS. – Jurors saw dramatic video Thursday of prison guards frantically trying to open the cell door of John Geoghan, then dragging another inmate out after he strangled the child-molesting former priest.
Geoghan, 68 when he died in August 2003, was serving a nine- to 10-year sentence for groping a 10-year-old boy but had been accused in lawsuits of molesting 150 youngsters.

Prison justice is often the quickest and most ruthless. This seems to be a nice statement on the value of even the worst of criminals. Mr. Druce deserves a footnote in the history books right next to the fellow who took care of Jeffery Dallmer.

” ‘I killed the child molester. He won’t touch any more kids,’ ” Hammond said Druce boasted.

Incidents like this, while not exactly judicially sound, should serve as a fine warning for potential child-molesters everywhere. Justice served, problem solved. Addendum: “Geoghan Slay Suspect Saw Himself As Savior”

WORCESTER, Mass. — The inmate on trial for strangling a child-molesting defrocked priest, John Geoghan, considered himself a savior of abused youngsters, an investigator testified Friday.


  1. I agree that corporal punishment is not an effective deterrent. If anything, morals are the best deterrent. But alas; the world we live in…

    I do find molestation (especially in children) absolutely sickening and would sympathize with the inmate that killed him though not condone it.

    If I were to go down to my primal and aggressive nature though I would go with more of a Sin City approach of this kind of punishment (shooting of the genitals). I felt a sense of righteousness when I saw that as the psychological implications of child abuse is incredible. It’s quite a sickening thing to admit to nowerdays but an eye for an eye just… feels better.

    However, thinking with my brain prison is the best bet, but 10 years is not enough for this disgusting crime. In my perfect world this would serve as a warning to potential molesters that jail is as bad as the inmates make it, and even the criminals have more morals than you.

    Social hatred, even without violence, is an impressive motivator.

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