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This post was a rough draft for this post. It was unfinished when I inadvertently browsed to another page and cleared the form I had been typing. I have no idea how wordpress resurrected it, but by the time I realized it, I had already re-posted on the same topic.

Yes, this one is a bit more harsh than necessary… but it was a draft, and I hadn’t had time to read over it before it was “lost”. You’re welcome to read it, just realize you’re looking at a first draft, not anything resembling a finished product.

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I am getting quite sick and tired of these little promotional spots on the charming demeanor of this dead animal who attacked a young man, beat him to the ground, and stole his hard-earned possessions. Granted, said animal was merely “accused”, but given he was in possession of the evidence when he was confronted, shot, and killed by police, it’s not hard to imagine he was indeed guilty as charged.

Does that alone warrant his death? No, but then we don’t know the details yet. Why was he shot? Why was his German Shepherd shot?

The facts will come out eventually, but I’d be willing to guess…

Peyton Strickland was known to own firearms. He also owned a damned fine guard (and/or attack) dog. The police who came to arrest him were aware of these things, and the violent little animal (Peyton) was fully aware of his recent transgressions. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to learn that he came to the door with dog in tow, sicced the dog on the officers, and attempted to flee. The right dog can easily be considered a deadly weapon, and as someone who grew up with German Shepherds, I can tell you that is the right dog. If the animal (Peyton) was attempting to flee back into the house, where officers had every reason to believe he had firearms, after unleashing the weapon he had at hand, what were the police to assume he was about to do?

Do we really value the life of this violent thief over the peace officers we depend on to enforce our laws? Do we honestly expect them to ignore an obvious threat like this in order to give the violent perpetrator the proverbial “benefit of the doubt”?

I don’t think so.

Police Kill North Carolina College Student Accused of Stealing PlayStation 3 Consoles

WILMINGTON, N.C. — A teenager accused of robbing a student of two new Playstation 3s on the day the popular game consoles were introduced was killed by police who had been sent to arrest him.

Peyton Strickland, 18, was killed Friday at a house he shared with three roommates, New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey said.

“If this boy would’ve come to the door, opened the door, we probably wouldn’t be talking,” the sheriff said Sunday.

Roommate Mike Rhoton said Strickland was unarmed, but may have been holding a video game controller when he went to the door as it was bashed in by officers.

Causey said Monday he couldn’t yet discuss the circumstances of the shooting, The News & Observer of Raleigh reported on its Web site.

“I am anxious to tell what happened,” Causey said after he was sworn in for a new term as sheriff. “In a few days, we’ll be able to. For now, it just wouldn’t be right.”

Asked if the deputies felt their lives were threatened, Causey said, “Anytime you have a high-risk entry like this, you feel that your life is at risk.” He declined to say what made the arrest high risk.

Arrest warrants alleged that Strickland, a student at Cape Fear Community College, and a University of North Carolina at Wilmington student stole two PlayStation units from another UNC Wilmington student that day.

The sheriff said the robbery victim had waited three days in line to buy two Playstation 3 units for $641 each at a Wal-Mart. He was unloading the units at his campus apartment when one man beat him to the ground while another took the PlayStations, Causey said.

The sheriff said Strickland was shot by members of a a special police unit who went to help university officers serve warrants.

Strickland’s dog, a German shepherd, also was shot to death.

The State Bureau of Investigation is examining the case and three deputies on the team were placed on paid leave, Causey said.

The second man named in the warrants was arrested at another address and was released on bail on Saturday, authorities said.

The nationwide introduction of the Sony game system on Nov. 17 was marked by rowdy crowds and store stampedes. One buyer waiting in line at a Connecticut store was shot by armed robbers.

I just saw another spot showing a “family friend” telling us all how “generous and caring” young Peyton was. I think he’s either a liar, or sorely misinformed regarding the demeanor of that young violent animal. I feel for the parents, and am sorry for the waste of life. Perhaps someone will take this lesson to heart, and try a little harder to ensure their kids know right from wrong.

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  1. Geez. You really are a tool.
    “Do we really value the life of this violent thief over the peace officers we depend on to enforce our laws? Do we honestly expect them to ignore an obvious threat like this in order to give the violent perpetrator the proverbial “benefit of the doubt”?”

    Wow, Mr. Murray, I had absolutely no idea you were at the scene of the crime and therefore know exactly what happened. PEYTON WAS UNARMED AND HAD NO GUNS IN THE HOUSE as evidenced by the findings from the search warrant. There is no way this boy could have posed an obvious threat to those officers if he was not carrying weapons on him.
    Your opinions on this matter are offensive in the way they portray an inaccurate view of our justice system, as well as a complete disregard for the life of another human being.
    Now, I know you think you’re hot stuff, seeing as you have your own website and all. I guess you think that warrants you to make assumptions about things you have absolutely no idea about. But this case has really hit close to home for me, and suffice to say, I have been keeping a close watch on anything and everything that has to do with it. This includes articles, forums, video footage etc. Justin Raines, the boy who was assulted and robbed, said himself on a wilmingtonstar.com forum, that he was SURE the person beating him up was not Peyton. He has also said (and the police reports agree) that his injuries were, in no way, severe. This was a crime worthy of punishment, yes. But not worthy of death, and it seems we both agree on that.
    As for Peytons character… For many people who hear this case, Peyton will be remembered as some punk kid, who was a menace to society and whose death was a result of his own stupidity. However, for the people who know and love Peyton, they know that he was a good person who was making mistakes in his life. His friends and family know that he was so capable of doing wonderful things in this world, and the fact that he was taken away before HE, HIMSELF was able to realize this is a crying shame. Peyton Strickland WAS generous and caring and whether you, or anyone else, agrees or not, is really not important.
    You are absolutely entitled to your opinions, and sharing them is a perfectly healthy way to be expressive. But in order to be fair and honest with youself, isnt it important to get all the information first?
    It pains me to see people like you make such rash assumptions based on inaccurate information. Get it straight.

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