Rant: ASUS Qualified Vendor List

I’m shopping for new hardware, something I do on a fairly regular basis, and I have a particular problem. I’m considering a couple of motherboards from ASUS, but with all the new options, I want to be sure I get compatible hardware on the first try. The site is slow, but I’ve managed to download the manuals from the various boards, and all of them offer me one piece of advice: Visit the ASUS website at www.asus.com for the latest DDR2 Qualified Vendor List.

Well, I’ve now killed several hours waiting for page loads, conducting searches, and browsing forums on their second-rate hosted servers… and I have come to the conclusion that the Qualified Vendor List (QVL) DOES NOT EXIST.

Thanks, ASUS. Many folks have recommended your motherboards, but they all failed to mention how worthless your site would be for something that seems to be a necessity to use your hardware.



  1. That’s downright amazing! Thanks, Gerhard – at least I know there is a list. That one appears to be specific to the A8N-SLI line of motherboards, but at least you’ve given me hope that there may indeed be one for the P5N32-E SLI Plus motherboard that I just purchased… of course, by the time I’ve found it, I’ll already know if the Corsair XMS2 RAM I’ve bought works or not.

  2. (later)

    The exact same sequence that took me to the QVL on the German ASUS site, brings me to a general download page (without link to the QVL for my motherboard) on the N. American site.

    I smell a conspiracy…

    Thanks again, Gerhard!

  3. Wow, I’m not the only one with this problem. I too have been searching for the QVL for this board, with no luck. I have seen it referred to by others in various forums, so I knew it was out there somewhere.

    I have also seen many posts by people using the Corsair XMS2 RAM successfully. One person on the ASUS site forum had posted his BIOS settings, here’s the link:


  4. login to the members area on the ASUS site.

    Input your motherboard details

    Select the “Download” tab

    The latest QVL should be in the list of downloads

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