Dear Gov. Dean:

I pull your emails from the trash bin and wipe them off long enough to read each one. Generally they’re simply boring, but once in awhile you say something that makes me go “hmmm”.

Here’s one from today’s missive:

Americans want action, and that’s what Democrats are delivering. House Democrats Adam Schiff and Artur Davis introduced a resolution yesterday calling for Gonzales’ removal, stating that he failed to “assure the public that the laws of the nation are being enforced in an independent, nonpartisan and judicious manner.”

You’re absolutely correct… We want action. Positive action, not your party’s angry little wheel-spinning, negative-energy, hate-mongering, spiteful behavior.

I’ll grant you that the Republicans haven’t done much better. I’ll grant you that We the people voted to change things on the political spectrum, to include giving your party another chance at making things better. So why do you insist on business as usual?

The question is rhetorical. You won’t change because you’re a lying parasite, just like the vast majority of your peers, regardless of which party they represent. When you get power, you use it to strike out at those formerly in power. When you lose power, you piss and moan because those now in power are striking out at you. You accomplish nothing that matters; you work only to work to maintain and increase your power base.

Your time will pass, but I’m afraid that by the time the collective majority manages it, you’ll have caused irreparable damage. I hope I’m wrong.