Newsflash: Heroism still exists, kids still know right from wrong

Youth Football Team Foils Robbery Of Elderly Man – News Story

Police say two teenage boys, 15 and 17 years old, knocked down a 71-year-old man and ran off with his camera. Taylor Leota led the charge as the whole football team took off after the two suspects.

“At first they were jogging,” explained the 13-year-old Leota. “After they see the team coming, they started sprinting. I would have been scared too seeing a football team chasing me; especially one of us.”

The team chased the suspects to a nearby house until the police came. The pair was arrested. Police say a Taser was used on the 17-year-old when he reached in his waistband.


“It’s not only about football. It’s about making a chapter in these children’s lives to become better men,” says Patriot coach Reggie Sweat. “So they’re not the ones stealing people’s cameras and stuff like that.”

The patriots are taking steps to find another practice field. There is gang graffiti here and the team doesn’t want anymore confrontations. And while the patriots have yet to win a football game this season, many would argue that these young men are already winners.

Even in San Fransisco, where I’d expect these kids to be arrested and charged with some sort of vigilantism, kids know wrong when they see it, and are able to demonstrate the right thing to do. This is the kind of news that throws aside all the nasty, depressing, demoralizing crap the networks feed us on a daily basis, and makes me realize there is still hope for the next generation.

These kids are awesome.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this on your site!!! I am the wife of the head coach, the business manager and my son plays on the team. I am SO proud of these boys!


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