“True patriotism requires far more”

I just saw this while browsing through “The Jawa Report“… never would have seen it otherwise, as I am not a fan of CNN. For the record, I wear a flag pin on my collar every work day (I don’t tend to wear collared shirts any other day), and have for years. I think Lou Dobbs nailed this one:

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  1. I don’t wear one daily. It has to do with my job. Hazardous and Dangerous environment around trains.
    But my baseball cap covers part of it. RETIRED NAVY. I also have a RETIRED NAVY plate on the truck I drive.
    I did my time for this country, beginning in 1973(yes, I had a lottery number).
    If the twit from Illinois doesn’t want to wear one, oh well. It’s just that Veterans take not of these things. And I hope the Active Forces.
    Because, were I on active service and one of the “democrats” won, I would return to the private sector and fight them as best I could, in the furom of public opinion.
    Obama is a Socialist from a Left wing, socialist, people’s republic.

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