It’s the Sun, Stupid

This would be hilarious, if the end result either way wasn’t so devastating. Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor’s Business Daily — The Sun Also Sets

Back in 1991, before Al Gore first shouted that the Earth was in the balance, the Danish Meteorological Institute released a study using data that went back centuries that showed that global temperatures closely tracked solar cycles. To many, those data were convincing. Now, Canadian scientists are seeking additional funding for more and better “eyes” with which to observe our sun, which has a bigger impact on Earth’s climate than all the tailpipes and smokestacks on our planet combined. And they’re worried about global cooling, not warming.

So the logical answer – that the sun has cycles, and those cycles affect earth’s climate – may be forced back onto center stage. Will Al Gore apologize and give back the billions his globally executed fraud continues to steal from well-intentioned (albeit utterly gullible) people?

I can’t help but remember the news broadcasting fears of “global cooling” in the 70’s, and I’ve read plenty about the often forgotten “little ice age” of the 1700’s. Will a year-round frozen Hudson River be enough to wake up the global warming fanatics, or will they find a way to blame FROZEN RIVERS on global warming? I can’t wait. Maybe someday we’ll get a handle on the REAL climate, but as of right now, the best scientists can do is GUESS.

And morons who want to dictate policy based on GUESSES (especially ones biased by that entire segment of our population lost to the 60’s) don’t need to be making important decisions. Generation X, your LSD induced fantasies aren’t where we’ll find the answers. I know it seemed real, but the wind and trees weren’t really whispering in your ear.

Thanks to the American Thinker for linking that article.