That ID theft protection commercial

Not going to mention their name, since I’m not sure they deserve the little free publicity I could provide… but here’s one to think about:

In their commercial, they feature a cop who’s identity had been stolen by a fellow cop. He mentions that he noticed something on a credit card bill that he didn’t recognize, or something to that effect. He goes on to say that it went on for EIGHT YEARS before he figured out there was a problem, and presumably signed up with the company to put an end to it.

So how piss-poor of a cop do you have to be for it to take EIGHT YEARS for you to realize you’re being stolen from, repeatedly, by someone rifling through your desk at work. I sure hope he wasn’t working on any urgent cases. Maybe a basement desk… cold case files…

Anyway, that particular endorsement is not going to sell the service to anyone who thinks for a moment about it. They should have stuck to showing the president of the company driving around with his social security number on the side of the truck.