Freedom of Movement

Some years ago, the point was made that freedom of movement was an essential component of American freedom.  I wish I could relate the source of my enlightenment on that point, but it escapes me at the moment.  I’ve always remembered it on some level, because it is so obviously true on so basic a level.  Freedom of movement is something we’ve always enjoyed as citizens of these United States, even before we were these United States.  From horses to trains to to cars to airplanes, our history is replete with our efforts to make movement faster, easier and move convenient.

So why is our own government working so hard to rob us of that most basic of freedoms?  Look at what they’re doing:

(warning, entering conspiracy theory territory; pure speculation ahead!)

The global warming frauds are working to kill off our access to fuel.

The solution to global warming fakery?  “Electric” cars that are worse for the environment than gas powered vehicles, and have specific charging requirements and limited range.

The financial collapse is driving up the cost of everything, especially fuel.  (anyone else remember $1.00/gallon gas?  that was only ten years ago).

The U.S. government, under the guise of “security”, is now conducting illegal strip-searches on American citizens in an effort to dissuade us from traveling by air.

So what next?  Some horrible threat against traveling by rail?  Or maybe we’ll start needing a passport to travel between states (they change these rules all the time).

When we’re sectioned off into territories, with limited or no ability to travel between them, what will follow?