Tragedy in Arizona

This is what they were talking about when they coined the term ‘man-caused-disaster.’  It wasn’t an act of war.  It wasn’t the result of political extremism.  It wasn’t a racist reaction to the country’s first (half) black President.  It wasn’t a statement on illegal immigration nor Arizona’s efforts to combat same.

It was one asshole with a fucked up outlook on life.

By current accounts, Congresswoman Gifford may make an absolutely amazing recovery.  I hope she’s able to testify at the trial that convicts Loughner and sentences him to death.  Preferably by firing squad, as the punishment should fit the crime.  Letting the very much alive Congresswoman look the lunatic in the eye would have a sting of poetic justice.

Several others were killed, but none so unbelievably tragic as the 9 year old girl born on the day this country was attacked by real terrorists.  The death of Christina Green will stick in my mind as the greatest tragedy of this event.

This morning, a number of stories are being told about how those involved reacted during this shooting.  76 year old Dorwin Stoddard covered his wife with his body to shield her from the bullets that ended up killing him.  20 year old intern Daniel Hernandez provided immediate first aid to the Congresswoman, probably the only reason she is alive today.  Three senior citizens; Roger Salzgeber, Col. Bill Badger (USA, Ret) and Patricia Maisch, and Joseph Zamudio, a 24 year old smoker with a licensed firearm on his hip, who all finally subdued Loughner.

The President is about to lead the nation in a moment of silence for the victims of this heinous crime.  I hope he resists the temptation to make this a political statement.  The media is already doing enough of that.