Justice Served, Texas Style

Until recently I imagine that most of the country, much like myself, knew little or nothing about Humberto Leal Garcia, the illegal immigrant* who became a vicious rapist and murderer back in 1994.  At any given moment there are probably thousands of animals locked up in our nation’s penitentiaries for crimes similar to Humberto’s, and once in awhile the justice system provides the ultimate penalty for such actions: death.

But then President Obama had to ask the Supreme Court to step in.  And now I know all about the crime that Humberto committed on the sixteen year old idiot who should have been at home sneaking phone calls to boys instead of drinking and doing drugs with people who saw her as nothing more than a piece of meat.  I know that this animal deserved to die, and citizen of the United States of America or not, represented by the country of his birth (Mexico) or not, represented by the crack legal team of Robert Shapiro and Jose Baez or not, this confessed murderer, sodomizer and rapist deserved his punishment.

So despite the plethora of weird shit coming out of Texas lately, the Lone Star does continue to shine and on occasion lights the way for the rest of us**.

If you missed the story, the gory details are here.

We can all sleep better knowing the Supreme Court still has a sane majority.

Thank you, Texas.

* It should be noted that this particular illegal immigrant was brought into this country at the age of two.  I don’t fault him for his status as an illegal, but I do fault Mexico for pretending they actually care about this nothing who has contributed nothing to their country.

** Have to give the pig credit for trying… shouting “vive mejico” on his way to his eternal slumber was a “made for TV” act.  I wonder how much the producers told him they’d give his family if he would do that for them?