Trayvon Martin

Well, this case might just get interesting.

Apparently, a witness has emerged, who says Martin attacked Zimmerman.

Let the riots begin!  Oh, wait… apparently, the witness may also be something other than a privileged white male.

Still doesn’t justify Zimmerman following Martin in the first place.  Still doesn’t justify the self-proclaimed neighborhood watch ‘captain’ carrying a firearm.  In fact, Martin might have felt he was defending himself… ‘stand your ground’ being the rule of law… when he took Zimmerman to the ground and started pounding on him.  Of course, at that point, Zimmerman would have been clearly defending himself by using his firearm.

I guess this witness’ testimony doesn’t really change anything after all.

Everything about this case sucks – the kid was apparently completely harmless, and in no way deserved his fate. The moron who shot him was an overzealous “wanna-be” cop and deserves to be punished for his horrible mistake. All that being said, could we please use a picture of seventeen year old Trayvon, and put away the pictures of twelve year old Trayvon?

Hell, if we’re going to play that game, why not show him even younger?  Oh, wait… that’s being done, too.

Sure, the picture of this man as a child makes everyone feel all warm and sympathetic for his family – he’s such a pleasant looking young man, afterall – but he wasn’t a little child the night he was shot, he was as close to a grown man as can be without being eighteen, and that probably had something to do with the way the moron reacted to him.

And what’s up with the picture being used on his memorial brochure?  No sign of anything this recent on the evening news… just not baby-faced enough, I suppose.

Go ahead, do a Google image search for “Trayvon Martin”.  Check out the pictures of news broadcasts talking about the “seventeen year old” but showing pictures of a child.  Disgusting the way the public is so blatantly being manipulated.

I’m not trying to justify his murder, just saying he wasn’t a child, and it’s patently false to keep showing his frakking baby pictures.