The really good ones all use YAHOO

No one uses this page to contact me for anything that really concerns me (the people who need to contact me know my real address). Occasionally spammers try to get around the CAPTCHA, and so, so many losers think I’m “that guy“… but I’ve been noticing a trend. Most of the losers dreaming of a career in television use YAHOO. So is the solution to cut off the ability of anyone with a YAHOO address to use the contact form? I may be on to something… thanks, Andrena – you may not have completely wasted my time.

Please, please, please… if you’re here because you think I can get you on some idiotic television show, GO AWAY.  I’m not him.  This site isn’t owned by him.  He’s only allowed to use my name because he had it before me.  Stop spamming me with your nonsense!  I don’t care about your hard life, your illegitimate children, your drug abusing parents, or your lack of basic English.  (I do occasionally get one that’s well written, polite, and pleasant to read… and I respond in kind – they’re rare).

Have a nice day!