Muslims finding new and inventive ways to kill themselves

Fear Of U.S. Plot Spreads Measles

Ok, not so new, more like old ways made new again. Crude, but effective.

Heartless? Maybe. But considering all the crap Islamic religious leaders are laying at the feet of the “West”, I find it hard to be sympathetic when they kill their own children because they’re too stupid to know when someone is trying to help them.

And while I feel bad for the truly innocent children, if they’re being raised by people who think like these idiots, they’d only have bombs strapped on them in a few years anyway. Sorry, my sympathy for those who preach (and listen to) hate is at an all time low.

The only way to improve on this situation is to save the kids and help the hateful, fear-mongering “leaders” to get some face-time with Allah.

(AP) Accusations by Islamic preachers that vaccines are part of an American anti-Islamic plot are threatening efforts to combat a measles epidemic that has killed hundreds of Nigerian children, health workers say.

Government officials play down the anti-vaccine sentiment, but all the measles deaths have been in Nigeria’s north, where authorities had to suspend polio immunizations last year after hard-line clerics fanned similar fears of that vaccine.