Basketball officially not a safe sport

Doctors reattach boy’s foot, hands

Surgery a success after freak basketball accident

The surgical success is amazing – but almost as amazing is that these injuries came about as a result of an accident during a basketball game. Better stick to (American) football… at least there’s padding!

All kidding aside – best wishes to this 10 year old kid. It looks like the tragic accident won’t mean the end of his fully-limbed life.

SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) — An operation to simultaneously reattach an Australian boy’s foot and both his hands after a freak basketball accident was a success with the boy’s fingers and toes alive and pink, surgeons said on Monday.

Ten-year-old Terry Vo’s hands and left foot were cut off when a brick wall supporting a basketball backboard gave way as he executed a slam dunk at a friend’s birthday party in Perth, the Western Australian state capital, on Saturday.

The weight and force of the collapse, and the sharp brick edges and a broken metal rain gutter, cut Vo’s three limbs just above the wrists and ankle.