Casino Spammers: (warning, rated “R” for excessive profanity)

My “banned” list keeps growing, and you inconsiderate bastards keep coming back. Well, nice work, jackasses. I no longer allow comments on old entries, so you’ve lost that (and valid posters are now unable to comment there, either). I will continue to ban any comment with “” or whatever anywhere in the comment, even if you’re just sticking it in your info hoping for the proverbial reach-around. I have also disabled all HTML in comments, so please quit filling my logs with “so-and-so, a banned IP, tried to post…”

If I wanted to advertise your crap, I would. I don’t. I won’t. But I’m sure you’ll continue to virtually masturbate all over the internet, this site included. Sad, sad bastards.

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  1. That’s horrible…I’m waiting for the same thing to happen to my site, but no sign of them yet. It’s too bad that IT is that bad that you have to blog about it. But I’m glad you’re still blogging and give us fun stuff to read. 🙂

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