Goth Band Promo (Paris Burning)

For the record, I don’t listen to Goth… and these folks don’t seem to be very active this year.

Paris Burning (Image links to band’s website)

Maybe recent events will give them a boost back onto the scene? It’s all about the art, eh? Why is France Burning? – U.S. & World – French Lower House OKs Three-Month State of Emergency Extension After Weeks of Riots

The unrest was set off by the accidental electrocution of two teenagers as they hid from police in a power substation in the northeast Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

It’s not that I enjoy hearing about trouble in the people’s republic of France (frankly, I do), but I find it amazing that among all the petty finger-pointing the Euro-peons do towards the US whenever there are problems here, there’s nothing like that towards France today. An entire country under siege from it’s own poor, immigrant population, with the effects spreading across Europe… and the evening news still leads with stories of idiot teenage girls going missing or robbing banks. Are you (the typical television viewer/target audience of the media) really that moronic? They seem to think so.