Christians? Yeah, right.

So I was following a thread on the Jawa Report regarding critics of C.S. Lewis, and happened across the comments on a “Catholic” blog. Wow, what a bunch of hypocrites (well, at least the two antagonists). Some of this crap sounds like the perversion spewed by certain clerics of certain faiths in certain countries where we are trying to minimize their influence. And these are people who claim to be “holy”, “spiritual”, and “right”. Here are a few choice quotes; note the picture in question is a typical “movie poster”, with no nudity, and only mildly hardly provocative imagery:

“I find it highly offensive that one would consider posting such pictures on a Catholic weblog.”
“Looking at such pictures can be considered a near occassion of sin.”
“Immodest dress is always a near occasion of sin for men. This is why women (and all folks)should be modestly dressed at Mass and whenever out in public.” (how about making them all wear burkhas, you prig? -lano)
“That in itself is not a sin (seeing), but if you reflect upon it and look at her again (especially if with a lustful eye), knowing it is sinful to look at a semi-nude woman, then you have thus fell victim to her, a near occassion of sin she was. Men are weak and tend to fall through their eyes, thus, a woman sins by dressing immodestly in public, and a Catholic puts others in potential jeopary by posting images of immodestly clad women.” (do any catholics really buy this line of shit? why aren’t they all best friends with the immams, then? -lano)
“The beach and the malls today are a reflection of a pagan society which has abandoned God enmasse.”
“To suggest a woman can walk on the beach, with a skimpy bathing suit on, and that is NOT a sin, is just not true.”

Just another fine example why I have utter disdain for all “organized religion”. Prudes, hypocrites, and finger-pointing, self-righteous assholes trying to force their own insecurities on the rest of the world. Too bad the alternative is the apologetic left. Color me politically centrist, please.


  1. I see you have a problem with Catholics. I’m not a Catholic, or a Christian, but it’s really starting to bother me that no one with a religious, especially Chrisitian, point of view can voice his/her opinion w/out being accused of trying to impose said opinion on others.

    Last time I checked, the right to free expression was for ALL, not just atheists. And how, exactly, does merely expressing an opinion impose it on others? Everyday I read or hear a variety of views I disagree with, but I’m not forced to accept them simply because they cross my path. Use your brain. According to your own standard, you’re guilty of imposing anti-Catholic bigotry on others by writing "prudes, hypocrits,…finger-pointing, self-righteous assholes" about Catholics. Guilty of imposing your views on others, AND hate speech!
    What a guy!

    When is an opinion/person not hypocritical? When it/he agrees with you? Just wondering.

  2. You have a point here, albeit not a good one. I may have failed in my effort to point out that the quoted phrases are very nearly the exact same sort of tripe the "enemy" (radical islam) is condemned for on a daily basis. ALL extremism is bad. ALL extremists suck. ALL extreme behavior and beliefs are contrary to peace in our world.

    I am also not and have never claimed to be an atheist. I do consider myself an agnostic – in that I do not believe that any religion created by man (and they all are) can claim a real connection to any god or godlike being in existence.

    Nice try, I suppose… although you get a failing grade in reading comprehension. Pre-conceived notions suck, too.

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