Happy Birthday to me!

I am not only another year older today, I’m another decade older. Funny, I don’t feel older, in fact, I feel younger than I remember feeling a decade ago. Could have something to do with the lighter level of responsibility on me since retiring from active duty.

To celebrate, I uploaded a picture of myself to MyHeritage, a site that uses facial recognition software to match features and show you what famous people you closely resemble (for free!).

Here are my top ten:

61% Elena Dementieva (Russian tennis player (female))
60% Marlon Brando (actor)
58% Jon Stewart (comedian/host)
58% Terence Stamp (actor (English)
57% Michael Jordan (basketball player)
56% Franz Kafka (German author)
55% Tony Danza (actor)
55% Mel Gibson (actor)
55% Elvis Presley (peanut butter and banana sandwich eater)
53% Robert Redford (actor)

The picture I had handy was fairly old, I’m going to try with a more recent picture and see if the results are the same. I expect it will, but it seems like a good test!

Ok, I snapped a self portrait, just as I am, at arms length, and uploaded it… maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s the age difference (about 10 years) between the photos… but here are my new top ten:

59% David Blaine (magician)
58% Chevy Chase (actor)
54% Claude Lelouch (French film director)
53% David Duchovny (actor)
51% Suleyman Demirel (Turkish politician)
51% Shaquille O’neal (basketball player)
51% Jason Priestley (actor)
50% Shirin Ebadi (Iranian lawyer, nobel peace prize winner (female))
50% Peter Shilton (English football (soccer) player)
48% Ron Howard (wtf? I look like Opie?)

What a difference a decade makes…


And it just keeps getting more interesting (not to mention more vague)! Here’s the results from a picture I found on my camera, also a closeup, also self-shot, this one slightly in profile:

75% Ante Gotovina (Croatian colonel-general, war criminal)
73% Amitabh Bachchan (iconic Indian Actor)
72% Enrique Iglesias (singer)
72% Dean Kamen (entrepeneur, inventor)
72% Tom Cruise (self-proclaimed psychologist, all around nutcase)
71% Michael Owen (English football (soccer) player)
71% Chandrika Kumaratunga (former Sri Lankan president)
70% Henry Mancini (composer)
68% Anthony Kiedis (singer, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
67% Steven Spielberg (director)