North Carolina – Politics as usual – News – Former Judge Looks Forward To Political Return After Prison Term

RALEIGH, N.C. — He’s a disgraced former elected official who was just released from prison for his role in a public corruption scandal. But Garey Ballance doesn’t think he’s down and out. In fact, he’s already talking about getting back into politics.

In August, Ballance walked out of a federal prison where he had served eight months of a nine-month sentence for a misdemeanor income tax charge. On Friday night, however, the former district court judge’s friends surrounded him at a reception in Raleigh held in his honor. He said he’s relieved and ready to put his jail term behind him.
Garey Ballance was in the same prison where his father is serving a four-year sentence for mail fraud and money laundering.
Before that happens, Garey Ballance has to go before the state’s judicial standards, which could bar him from ever running for a judicial seat. Also, he still has to deal with his State Bar suspension, which he said would end in a few days. He said he’s also looking forward to returning to practicing law.

I’m not from North Carolina, but I ended up staying here when I retired from the Marine Corps. Lately it’s become glaringly obvious that the state has some seriously retarded political issues affecting it’s residents. Can you say “Mike Nifong”? I knew you could.

So this corrupt judge wants to step back into the loving arms of the Democrapic party of North Carolina, and all he needs is a few political cronies to accept his apology, declare his punishment “served”, and sign the paperwork putting him back in the courtroom. Great.

By the way, regarding Ballance’s dear old dad;

On September 2, 2004, Ballance was indicted on federal charges including, money laundering, mail fraud, and conspiracy to commit mail fraud with his son, Garey Ballance, a state district judge in Warren County, North Carolina. Garey Ballance is also charged in the indictment with income tax evasion.

The charges arose after allegations were made that the elder Ballance took $2.3 million in state funds he secured as a State Senator for the John A. Hyman Memorial Youth Foundation and used the cash for the enrichment of himself, his family, and his church.

On November 9, 2004, a plea agreement was reached under which Ballance pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering. In January, 2005, he was disbarred from the practice of law in the state of North Carolina. On October 12, 2005, he was sentenced to four years in prison, two years supervised release, and fined $10,000.

Yeah, two peas in a pod. Perfect Ballance.

Thanks to Sweetness & Light for the heads up.