Interesting Things This Week

I may make this a regular posting for these weeks when there isn’t much that makes me want to rant… Here are some things I’ve read/seen that I thought were pretty interesting this week:

Danny Bonaduce vs. the “9-11 Truther”
The original interview (Very entertaining!)

Barrack Hussein Obama? Sure, it’s only a name, but can the American voter seriously consider electing this man president? Call it Nomatophobia or maybe Onomatophobia if you will, but I sure hope not.

Why “the right to wear the veil” is complete and utter bullshit (a real-life example). You can’t walk into a bank wearing a mask; you’ll be stopped and possibly arrested on the spot. Why would anyone be stupid enough to allow people to board planes wearing masks? Religious practice, my ass – it’s just another way for the islamists to pull the wool over our eyes.

This is almost too stupid to believe – Baby put through X-ray machine at LAX.