Someone had a ‘duh’ moment

I’ve been an off and on E-bay buyer for years – nothing serious – but more than enough to recognize the potential for fraudulent bidding. The only thing that amazes me about this article is that the author seems to believe this is news; something novel and unique that has only cropped up recently, or that most people might find unexpected and interesting.

Sorry folks, if you’re looking for a large purchase from an honest broker, buying from an anonymous stranger over an anonymous auction service via the anonymous internet is really the wrong approach.

The simple rule for buying things via Ebay? Know what you’re willing to pay, never bid higher. Follow this rule every time, and you’ll never be sorry.

Revealed: how eBay sellers fix auctions

Last week one of the UK’s biggest eBay sellers admitted in a taped conversation with an undercover reporter that he was prepared to use business associates to bid on his goods for him.

Our inquiries found evidence that a number of businesses — ranging from overseas property agencies to car dealerships — have placed bids on their own items using fake identities.

The cases raise questions about whether eBay, the world’s biggest auction site, is doing enough to protect consumers.