Phelps’ fanatics are at it again…

Extremist Christians working to prove they can be every bit as ignorant, fanatical, and hate-mongering as their islamic competitors…

Hate Group To Protest At Student’s Funeral

APRIL 20–The reactionary religious group that has staged protests at funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq plans to picket at tomorrow’s funeral for one of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. The Westboro Baptist Church–which operates the web site–announced its plans to protest at student Ryan Clark’s funeral in a press release (a copy of which you’ll find below). Clark, 22, was a biology and English major who reportedly was trying to shield others when he was shot Monday by Seung-Hui Cho.

How long till Phreddy Phelps starts sending his parishioners into crowded marketplaces with explosives tied to their chests? I sure hope someone is assigned to watch them for signs of this sort of activity.

Freedom of religion doesn’t include unbridled freedom to offend… sorry, Phreddy. Go back and rattle ‘dem bones in your cave, where no one has to see or hear your insanity.

And people wonder why I don’t embrace religion (or more precisely, religious people!)

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  1. Yikes! I am a Christian and nothing annoys me more than stupid christians! UGHHH!!! There is nothing wrong with this post for it to be an alert or whatever. Christians should be appalled. This abominable unchristian behavior needs to be called out by christians. Just as we are still waiting to hear from the “moderate” muslims to speak out against “radical” muslims….waiting…still waiting. Well I better not hold my breath. Thanks for exposing this nonsense. If I get time I will as a christian expose it the best I can and formerly denounce and call for others to as well.

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