Why would scientists lie?

Painting by numbers: NASA’s peculiar thermometer

Viewing the NASA 250-mile map for March below, what immediately grabs the attention is that NASA has essentially no data (gray areas) in most of Canada, most of Africa, the Greenland ice sheet, and most of Antarctica. This begs the question, how can one calculate an accurate “global temperature” while lacking any data from large contiguous regions of three continents?

With all the bullshit being slung about by the likes of big, fat, ugly Al Gore and his ilk… it’s really sad to discover such glaring discrepancies in the very science that’s supposed to be helping us figure this mess out. Who are we supposed to believe? How can anyone pretend that “the science is settled”, when they’re fucking LYING to us to blatantly?

Drill for the oil. Build the nuclear power plants. Give us our dignity back.

Clean up the environment… of course. Just quit making up new crying Indians to shame the ignorant into doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.

And stop being the ignorant.


  1. Thank for your information. I just get tired of the comsumer mentality. Let’s use it until its all gone.
    There is a point where we will screw up this unbelieveable planet and then we will look around and wonder what happened. We have the technology to fix it. So why not have wind mills and solar electric and cars that get 300 miles to the gallon? and Oh my the way we continue to build houses without worrying about how much it will cost to heat and cool them.
    Just look and open your eyes. We are using up rain forest that are hydrologically changing weather patterns and creating deserts.
    Do not know if the reason we are loosing our bee population has anything to do with all this but if we do not figure this one out we will be all manually pollinating our crops to get food.
    I am a life long Republican and John McCain lost my vote when he said let’s solve the oil crisis by drilling off our shores. Please this is an 2 year bandaid at most. What we need is to put money into renewable energy and then we can say good by to the Middle East and they can go back to riding camels.

  2. While I agree that we should not go out of our way to waste natural resources or poison our world, let me interject and respond to one part of Mr. Blackman’s comment. “So why not have wind mills and solar electric and cars that get 300 miles to the gallon?” Because a windmill to run a lowly 10 acre farm costs $20,000. Solar panels for your average hom cost $10,000 according the my cousin who just had an estimate done. And, yes, let’s talk about electric or hybrid cars. I can’t afford $50K to buy a car. A lot of people can’t afford $50K to buy a HOUSE let alone a car. I would love to have a windmill, solar panels and an efficient, non-polluting vehicle, but until I win the lottery, ain’t gonna happen. Excellent in theory. Bullshit in reality.

    Get the powers-that-be to back alternative energy. Get the automotive and oil industries to give up profits so we can have affordable alternatives. And while you’re at it, cut the budget, get the pharm companies to lower drug prices, find a way for sick people to go to the doctor, and take a chunk out of the insurance companies who, although they can buy up 100 prime acres in the Chicago burbs and build beautiful complexes, won’t lower insurance rates so we can all properly insure our possessions. Don’t even get me started…..

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