Shopping for a new laptop?

Okay, so while I’ve been tempted by the rash of “Netbooks” on the market, I soon realized that there were a number of decent laptops on the market for not that much more.  I’m open to suggestions, but I’m doing my own research and reading to find not only the best bang for my buck, but the best deal on the one I finally decide on.  I love the fact that Dell has a factory outlet store that sells “scratch-n-dent”/refurb/off-lease!  I know HP has a similar store, and I’ll be finding the same from the other major players before I stop looking.  Interesting to note that (most) all the big boys get their laptops from a fewunrecognizable manufacturers…  Makes it a lot less important to decide based on a name.

Anyway, while shopping around today, I came across this – I’m afraid some of the features might be out of my price range, but hey, I can dream!