Where do we sign up for these jobs?

Seriously. Someone went back to work after an extra long lunch one day, and to justify his time says “I was watching a bus idle for TWO HOURS!” The asshole probably got an award.

School Bus Company to Implement Anti-Idling Program and Pay Penalties under the Clean Air Act

In fall 2010, an EPA inspector observed Durham school buses idling for extended periods of time in school bus lots in Storrs, Conn., Worcester, Mass. and Johnston, R.I.  The inspector observed some buses idling for close to two hours before departing the bus lot to pick up school children. The state idling regulations in question, which are enforceable by EPA, generally limit idling in Connecticut to three minutes and in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to five minutes.

And they wonder why government employees have a bad name?

Seriously… fall of 2010?  I imagine the driver was COLD waiting for the little snot noses to get around to getting on the bus.  And if the EPA “inspector” observed someone breaking the rules, why didn’t he make the correction?  Again… probably an award involved.  Cash award, I’m sure.