Blatant Illiteracy

My contact page is there because I honestly believe that there are valid reasons to leave a reason for people to contact the proprietor of a web page.  It’s unfortunate that I share names with a freak in hollyweird that has experienced success feeding manure to idiots.  That being said, I’ve gone above and beyond the call to inform people that I’m not him, and messages left here will never get there.

The picture here shows the page in question.  It’s pretty clear, I think?

And yet, weekly… sometimes daily… I get emails regarding “that show”.  Mostly with poorly formed ideas, grammatically incorrect suggestions, and moronically worded offers to sacrifice themselves on the altar of “music” television.

I try to be nice… or at least not too mean.  It’s just getting harder and harder.  Posting this is mildly cathartic; let’s see if it helps.