Why so hard to send a message…?

A recent renewal of my character in a game I used to play has brought some newcomers to this page.  And each of them, when trying to contact me, has asked… why the weird questions on the feedback page?  Well, let me share…

There’s a fellow, who happens to share my name, who has made quite a name for himself producing “shows” for idiots on a cable channel formerly known for presenting music videos.  I congratulate my namesake on his success, while at the same time cursing him for perpetuating such utter stupidity.  As it turns out, the people attracted to the silliness he perpetuates are not capable of discerning “him” from normal people who happen to share his name.  Did I mention he peddles his wares at the expense of the lowest common denominator?  Yes, they’re all idiots, losers, and morons.  (I am being overly kind here, I know)  For that reason, I have placed blocks in the path of anyone using this page to try to contact said namesake… but alas, my efforts have not dissuaded the most persistent among them.

I apologize to those who have valid reasons for reaching out to me, and promise that once I’ve recognized you, I’ll share an address by which you can reach me without such hassle.

To those foolish children who think I am the aforementioned individual, I will continue to harass, berate, and belittle you, hopefully until you cry, but at least until I am satisfied some semblance of wisdom has been imparted.  Seriously, if you can’t take a hint when it pokes you in the eye, you have no business expecting a polite response.

And yes, I fully remember that in-duh-vidual who actually thought to threaten me with physical harm because I hurt his stupid little feelings (miss ya, Ronny!).  I still know where you live, and what you look like.  I am fully capable of defending myself against the likes of you.  Stay in Florida, for your own good.  And good luck with that acting career(!)… such that it is.

– Jonathan

And who knows… maybe I’ll find a reason to start updating this page more than once a year!  If nothing else, to make the idiots famous.