Gun Free Zones

Amongst the tragedy of today’s murder of four young Marines, I cannot help but be stricken with the image of the front door of the recruiting center… and the obvious “no guns” sign plastered on the window.  Signs like this have appeared in the last year on facilities all over the base where I work.  This is particularly galling, since the base is a federal installation that BJ Clinton ensured years ago to be “gun free.”  That’s right, a military installation, where thousands of men and women are trained daily to handle firearms (and other weapons of war) and use them responsibly, prohibits the carry of firearms by any but those engaged in law enforcement (or, obviously, conducting training).  For the record, 99% of those carrying weapons for training have no access to ammunition… making their 21st century firearms good for nothing unless used as clubs.  And our military police force consists mostly of hired civilians.

I cannot adequately describe my disgust with this.

Change the damned law.