International Terrorist claims “Human Rights Violations”

I worked in a military correctional facility for several years, so I understand how prisoners filing frivolous claims/complaints is a normal thing, but this is downright silly. Doesn’t it make sense that, in order to have a violation, the victim would have to be human? I’d be happy to see an international agreement that determines …

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New product

I received this today in my daily ration of “office spam”, and couldn’t resist the idea of sharing it with all of you. Microsoft, in their neverending effort to create the perfect software for everyone presents: Microsoft Word… For Blondes! (click image for full size view)

Liberal Judge says “No” to punishment

“anger doesn’t solve anything” What the hell? It’s more important to get this sick bastard counselling than it is to remove him from society and the proximity of the child he sexually abused for YEARS? Judge sentences man to 60 days for sexual assault on young girl A Williston man who admitted repeatedly sexually assaulting …

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Joshua Sparling Update

Remember Joshua Sparling? It looks like his recovery is progressing nicely – and the nasty little Christmas card incident is well behind him. I received this update via email today (thanks, Tony in Boulder!) A week ago Joshua underwent his 19th surgery where a halo device was attached to his leg to stablize it …

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Newsflash: Ray Nagin still stupid

It’s often amusing to watch someone execute their public life a word at a time, but shouldn’t this moron have been euthanized by now? Maybe he’s trying to draw attention away from the conspiracy theories with even more ignorant statements? ‘God mad at America’ MAYOR RAY Nagin suggested yesterday that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita …

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Better Pay for Teachers

I’ve always been a proponent of public education and better salaries for teachers. Today that stance has been dealt a severe blow. I still think teachers deserve better pay, especially those whose classrooms more resemble daycare centers (k-3rd grade, roughly), and those teaching in areas where it’s literally dangerous for them to show up for …

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