Jack Murtha, USMC (Ret), Traitor (active)

The Arab/islamic media is eating this shit up… one of our own providing more aid and comfort to the enemy. Thanks, Jack(ass) – give the fanatics more justification for attacking our men. Salon.com News | Murtha: Marines killed civilians “in cold blood” “Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent …

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TSA shows their support for our troops

(Scroll down for an update to this story) The TSA is so screwed up, they don’t know a potential terrorist from a US Marine. Yeah, they should be checking everyone. Yeah, the Marines understand the routine and respect the need for security. My biggest question here is, why aren’t there procedures to get these men …

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Project Completion!

They’re done, to be presented tomorrow. I’m mostly satisfied considering the constraints (time and level of detail requested). Wish I was able to do more with the finish on the shadow box, and hadn’t needed to “make it up as I went along” as much as I did. Comments welcome!