Disrespecting the Flag, Walmart Style

Today I was in the Walmart store at 561 Yopp Road, Jacksonville, NC and walked past this display.  I was dumbfounded. I spotted store manager “Dave” walking by and asked him if he was aware of this display, and if he knew that it was disrespectful of the United States Flag.  He looked at it, …

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Ever wonder how the machines are supposed to turn us into batteries?

As expected, we’ll do it for them… Power from Glucose Scientists have implanted the first functional glucose biofuel cell in a living animal. Unlike batteries that supply power to implants, a power-generating device may not have to be surgically removed and replaced, because glucose is a potentially limitless source of energy.

Windows 7 Taskbar: Pin a FILE (Not an application)

This one aggravated me for a bit; maybe the solution will help you, too. I have a spreadsheet that I use to track finances. It’s the only spreadsheet I use regularly, so naturally I want to be able to access it quickly and easily. I googled a solution, but found a lot of “you can’t …

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Epic Fail

Yeah, sorry… the campaign magic has worn off. Thousands In Daley Plaza Stunned By Olympics Decision Maybe we should stick to things presidential? Love this contrast at the old Huff’nPuff… Hopey Changey: 2016 Olympics Bid: Obama’s Presence Levels The Playing Field In Copenhagen Not so much: Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid and the School Children Killings …

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9-11: Erwin L. Erker

Something struck me as I was reading about Erwin Erker.  He was a regular guy.  Hell, he sounds like any number of people I know and deal with every day, even a bit like me.  He was into technology, that’s apparent by his choice of careers, enjoyed both watching and playing sports, and kept an …

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Yes Hillary, it’s still a lousy idea

Score another victory for socialized medicine! Dean Scriven, 27, from Pantside, said although he was rushed to Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital by ambulance at 3.30am on Saturday, the knife remained in his back for at least 12 hours until it was finally taken out at the University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff, the following afternoon. The …

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Happy 2009

Watched Dick Clark, noticed they showed literally NO shots of the new ball dropping or even lit up; toasted the new year; watched Robby Knievel jump the volcano; now it’s time for bed. Good night / Good bye 2008. Welcome, 2009. May all the terrorist assholes in the world lay down and die this year.

Happy New Year

So my Obama-depression inspired bout of “nothing I want to write about” fugue has gone on long enough. Let’s see what’s interesting in the world. There’s fighting in Gaza… and in case you forgot, Israel’s enemies are the same fanatical assholes that are our enemies. They are liars and deceivers (if you believe people like …

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“Never discuss religion or politics in polite company”

But since I know you all so well, and I don’t remember any of you accusing me of being polite…  I present more random thoughts on religion. (this article was written in my religion wiki, some formatting may not carry through – feel free to read the original, currently at the bottom of the “general” …

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