The Left sure does argue funny

I haven’t quoted these guys in a long time, but this one stands out as well worth highlighting.

The same idiotarian leftists continually denigrate the problems in Iraq (blame America!), while proclaiming the glories of the communist revolution (Che Guevara?). Amazingly narrow visioned.

The Hatemonger’s Quarterly

It’s very quizzical, is it not? To our buddies on the Left, the civil strife in Iraq is proof positive that the case for invasion was wrong and evil. But the millions and millions killed by dozens of Communist governments during the course of the 20th century don’t prove Marx, Engels, and countless faculty lounges wrong.

The liberation of Iraq was attempted once, and it is still too soon to determine what the result will be. The world witnessed numerous Communist governments, and they brought disaster and mass-murder every time. The Left sure does argue funny.