Passive Aggressive

Let me begin by stating that I’m old enough that my fast and aggressive driving days are behind me. In fact, I’ve always been a fairly safe and defensive driver in traffic, only “letting go” when on the open road with few or no others in sight.

Today on my way to the commissary, a black Saturn rolls up behind me, swings into the left lane, and accelerates past. I was doing the obligatory speed limit plus five (normal and acceptable for this area), so the other driver had to be cruising quite a bit over that. As she showed me her rear bumper, I chuckled as I read her green sticker: “Power to the Peaceful“. My first thought was “Peace to the Powerful” would be more appropriate for this military community.

Then I considered the irony of this apparent “peacenik” driving like a 19-year old Marine on his way to see his girl for the first time after a six-month pump.

Apparently her world-view does not reflect her rules for personal behavior. I bet she plans to vote for Hillary.

Note: She was driving fast, and somewhat aggressively, but not with such urgency as to appear there was some actual emergency… don’t bother to point out she might be on the way to the hospital (she was headed out of town, away from the hospital). In fact, the direction she was headed is entirely rural for twenty miles or more.