Food Shortages? Explain this.

A recent article warned that because of (global warming/climate change/al gore’s bank account) the world was in danger of increased food shortages.  As usual, the gist was that the evil West is abusing the planet and the innocent, helpless third-world is starving.

I’ve long questioned the logic of turning food crops into (heavily subsidized) fuel for cars, but now we’ve taken a step that I don’t think I would ever have imagined.  We’re turning food crops into CAT LITTER.

The company is even giving it away (in the form of a rebate).

I can’t decide whether to be shocked, sickened, or amused.

I think I have decided that this is how I’ll do my part to help correct the overpopulation of third world countries that breed terrorists.  That sounds like a horrible thing to say, and I’m sure many will think horribly of me because I said it, but let’s face it;  When you have so many hungry mouths that you eagerly strap bombs on kids and send them off to murder in the name of your cult, population control is in order.  I’m going to start doing my part to resolve that problem for them.

Every little effort can help, right?