No pictures?

I assume we can’t release the pictures because the photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse being stuffed with raw bacon and fed to wild dogs might be insulting.  The line of sailors pissing over the rail while they dragged the remains a bit to turn them into shark chum on the props might be insulting to some terrorist asshole.  The visage of the pack of sharks tearing the rendered corpse to shreds and dragging it off into the deep is a sight that would undoubtedly cause sleepless nights to any children not already exposed to prime time television.  Oh, and it might upset the sensitivities of some jihadi shithead or another.

But hey, at least we know he’s dead.  Right?

P.S.  Thank you, George W. Bush; Thank you, United States Navy Seals; Thank you, Central Intelligence Agency; And thank you, to the thousands of unmentioned, unsung government employees and contractors who worked the last ten years to bring this mass murderer to justice.

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