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Spellcrafting for DAoC Players of Albion: Pellinor
Lanoitar, Legendary Spellcrafter is available to provide for your spellcrafting needs. The following information applies:

Spellcrafting for full suits of armor is done to your specifications, at your risk. I can provide anecdotal information on my past successes, but nothing is assured 100%. If I blow up your item, I die in the process. You get to watch and laugh, and oddly enough, I still expect you to pay for the gems.

Level 51, quality 99 items have 28 imbue points. Level 51 Masterpiece items (quality 100) have 32 points. I can and expect to overcharge by up to 5 points on each, however this requires that I make 99 quality gems to protect your property. This is where the time and money come into play.

I charge a standard rate based on the work done. For full sets of armor/weapon/shield (6 – 8 items) where you have provided both a complete listing of gems and time for me to make them on my own schedule, I charge 1.5x the actual cost to make. There is no additional charge for imbuing the gems onto your items. For full sets, I make and mule the gems in Caer Diogel and arrange to meet you there to complete the transaction. I have 1 cleric/mule that assists me in this task, so please ensure you get to me in a timely fashion. I will rarely take more than one order at a time, so any delay means others cannot get work done.

For small jobs (8 gems or less), I can take them any time, but please do not expect me to interrupt my gameplay for your job. If you ask, and I tell you I am busy, I am. Remember, I’m the guy who blows items up if I botch the job… don’t tempt me to use lower quality gems in the rush to finish your job. In game, you can generally find me as Higaldo, Lano, or Lancastor; or by contacting any member of the Order of Light guild and asking if I am online. ( /who “Order of Light” )

If you are unsure how to set up your armor, I strongly recommend visiting this site and downloading Leladia’s Spellcrafting Calculator. This tool will help you determine your maximum stats and provide a list that I can work from.

If all you can tell me is “I want max stats” or some such, I can do all the work for you for a nominal fee. That fee will start at 500g and go up depending on how helpful (or not) you are in the process. It’s your gear, put forth some effort, or pay.

Once you have your configuration determined, you can email the configuration report provided by Leladia’s Calculator to spellcrafting@jonathanmurray.com. Please provide a valid email address, your in game name, and when you would like the work done. Since it takes literally HOURS to do a full job, I do my spellcrafting on weekends and days off. If you absolutely cannot wait, find someone else, or expect to be charged accordingly.

I charge a fair price, and use a spreadsheet to track exact amounts spent making your order. I do not charge for my time. I do accept tips with pleasure, but do not expect them. Fortunately for you and all future customers, there have been some generous people that have made the dozen or so plat that went into raising my skill worthwhile. I have not yet had a truly bad experience with anyone.

If you are rude to myself, or other crafters that I associate with, I reserve the right not to accept your order.

Thank you!

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