Cheaper, lighter wood for gate repairs.

Everyone can help with gate repairs. Even those frail, weak avalonians… yes, use a few of your seals in Darkness Falls and carry around a few of these items. They salvage for higher wood types than the standard Ironwood, meaning less wood required, and faster repairs. Here are the ‘best return per seal’ items:

Higher level wood is better, so Stonewood

For Emeralds:
Maligned Staff of Mind for Stonewood
Maligned Staff of Mana for Ebonwood

For Sapphires:
Accursed Staff of Mana for Ebonwood
Accursed Flute for Dyrwood
Accursed Drum for Duskwood

For Diamonds:
Malison Short Bow for Ebonwood
Malison Lute for Duskwood