A Marine’s view on training

How would they have us train our warriors?

A good read from the perspective of “reality”. Training accidents that result in death are never easy. It’s always good to step back and look at the training from the other side, realize that some people just aren’t suited for the life, and understand that when all is said and done, accidents are just that, accidents.

Last month Marine recruit Jason Tharp drowned while undergoing water survival training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC. By all accounts and even his own admission, he was not cut out for the Marine Corps and badly wanted to go home. I don’t belittle him for that. Some people are simply not military material, and there’s no shame in that. Hell, there’s lots of things that I’m not cut out for. But the family and some segments of the public just don’t seem to understand the basic premise of military training in general, and Marine training in particular. They’ll call for heads on sticks, congressional investigations, lawsuits, and general uprisings over this. Jason’s death is a tragedy, to be sure. A family lost their young son. But recruits die at Parris Island, that’s a fact. Sometimes it’s health related, sometimes it’s an accident, and then sometimes…