The government won’t do it; the media doesn’t get it

Armed Civilians Converge Upon Mexican Border

Even the president is confused on this one.

Call them what you will, they’re putting on a show of effort to highlight the complete and utter failure of the government to control our borders. With millions of illegal aliens entering this country every year, something has to be done.

President Bush has suggested allowing more legal immigration for laborers – which is understandable in light of the outcry from those who depend on cheap labor – but that is no reason to ignore the gaping hole in our national security that is the country of Mexico. The time to wake up to this gross negligence is long past, and these “Minutemen” have the right idea.

TOMBSTONE, Ariz. – They call themselves patriots, but critics call them everything from gun-toting rednecks to racists.

Hundreds of people were converging on Arizona’s Mexican border Friday to ready for a month-long campaign to urge federal lawmakers to do more to stem illegal immigration.

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  1. It’s better for corperations to move into a country that does little to protect the enviroment and even less to protect a desent standard of living for it’s people. So the people of Mexico and Central American countries are running for their lives to find a better life. Instead of the American insisting the Mexican government needs to clean up their act, we turn our frustrations toward the Mexican people who risk lifes for a piece of what we have. Then, we look like racists, and politicions throw that in our face because they’re protecting the corporations.

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