Important lesson in Phishing

If your intended targets use English as their primary language, be sure you hire someone fluent in English to write your phishing emails. The below tripe was received this morning (a few copies, all merrily shuffled into the trash by gmail). Good marks for spelling, piss-poor marks for grammar. The only people more mock-worthy than the authors of this are the morons who read crap like this, click the imbedded links, and start punching in their personal information for “verification”.

Good afternoon, unfortunately some processings have been cracked by hackers,
so a new secure code to protect your data has been introduced by visa.
Some processings? What planet are you from again?
You should check your card balance and in case of suspicious transactions immediately contact your card issuing bank.
Good advice… contact YOUR BANK, not some anonymous emailer
If all transactions are alright, it doesn’t mean the card is not lost and cannot be used. Probably, your card issuers have not updated information yet.
But wait! If you verify everything, you wasted your time! Click our link anyway!
That is why we strongly recommend you to visit our web-site and update your profile, otherwise we cannot guarantee stolen money repayment.
So much for that advice about contacting your bank… c’mon stupid people!
Thank you for your attention.