Aussies get it

Of course, the media will hype this as isolationism and/or anti-islamic, but it’s more like stripping off the multicultural blinders. At some point, the people of the western world stopped being proud of themselves and their achievements, and that has led to this warped sense of denial.

Screw that. I’m proud to be an American, and apparently Mr. Costello is proud to be an Australian. Good for him, and good for any person of any national origin who immigrates legally, accepts the fact that they are taking on the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of their new country, and lives a productive life as such.

The Daily Telegraph | Ultimatum to Muslims

PETER Costello last night condemned “mushy multiculturalism” and told Muslims who could not tolerate others to leave Australia.

The Treasurer said the citizenship pledge of loyalty and respect for law should be a “big flashing warning sign” for those Muslims.
“They are conscious that this is not a trivial event. It is a big decision. Becoming a citizen of another country changes their identity,” he said.

Mr Costello said the citizenship oath tried to capture the essence of what it meant to be an Australian, and the values of loyalty, democratic beliefs, respect for liberties and obeying laws.


  1. So true. With all this P.C.B.S., and bending to the wills of everyone but it’s actual legal citrizens, America is becomeing a bigger joke everyday.

    Sad. Good for Australia.

  2. I’m proud to be a member of the human race first. Patriotism is a hideaway for scoundrels. No. Not you. I actually agree with you on many points, it is those that ONLY use patriotism to justify war, or murder, or any number of atrocities that patriotism has heaped upon this world. The truth is the resposibility of the populace. One must rend it from the ruling class in order to maintain a country. A "patriot" speaks of these truths despite the backlash. Some of the worlds most heroic persons spoke out when it was NOT popular, many have died from their beliefs. Love of country because one is born of it does not make for a sound basis for heaping praise upon her bloody reaches. ……………. Where’s the Beauty of Iraq

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