Jack(ass) Murtha should have had a talk with this lady…

…before he ran his mouth off about Haditha.

From all places, CNN… a reporter who was imbedded with the same Marines who are currently being accused of “cold blooder murder” by the likes of congressman Jack(ass) Murtha.

CNN.com – A reporter’s shock at the Haditha allegations – May 31, 2006

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — It actually took me a while to put all the pieces together — that I know these guys, the U.S. Marines at the heart of the alleged massacre of Iraqi civilians in Haditha.
I was with them in Husayba as they went house to house in an area where insurgents would booby-trap doors, or lie in wait behind closed doors with an AK-47, basically on suicide missions, just waiting for the Marines to come through and open fire. There were civilians in the city as well, and the Marines were always keenly aware of that fact. How they didn’t fire at shadows, not knowing what was waiting in each house, I don’t know. But they didn’t.

The irony of quoting a CNN reporter in defense of our warfighters is not lost on me. There seems to be hope for them afterall. Thank you, Arwa Damon.

Too bad the damage has already been done.

How many Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and civilian contractors will be attacked based on the moral support being offered by our own media, politicians, and self-hating liberal anti-war activists? Jack(ass) Murtha can claim personal responsibility for each and every one.

Sorry, Jack(ass), this isn’t your Vietnam; the fact that you’re emulating those who treated you and your brothers-in-arms so badly is sickening. Of all people, you should know better.

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