Coppermine Gallery Integration

[image:160:l] A nice view of the evening sky out my back door to test the functionality of the Coppermine -> WordPress integration plugin. This is a beta version, but so far the integration has been fairly seamless.

[image:196:r] Ok, there seems to be a problem with the insertion script… and the layout on the “write” page is nasty; however I think it may be because I’m not using the WYSIWIG editor, which I happen to detest. I think I can fix that on my own later, though. Also looks like I need to fix some CSS foibles, as that first picture appears to be overlapped with the text.

Here comes an album:

You can click on any image (thumbnail, album, etc) to visit the gallery – I’m not really a photographer, so it’s a little sparse…


  1. Editor/plugin layout was whacked till I switched to WYSIWIG editor and back – now all is fine.
  2. Image tags display as Thumbs 🙁
  3. Quick buttons are not putting a : (colon) in front of the alignment tag
  4. Options/Groups/Images buttons do nothing

Trying to find a way to offer feedback to the author before I go off to try one of the other (many) coppermine plugins.