Retired Marine with gun… not your ideal holdup victim!

Subway shooter `used his training’

After a quiet dinner with his grandfather Wednesday, Donicio Arrindell and his best friend headed out for the night.

Three hours later, he was dead and his friend Fredrick Gadson was critically wounded.

The duo — lifelong friends and roommates — are accused of storming into a Plantation Subway shop, armed and announcing a robbery.

They didn’t plan to encounter retired Marine John Lovell, 71, who had just finished a veggie sandwich and had a gun tucked in his waistband.

It’s interesting to read about how much restraint he actually showed before gunning these two losers down… definitely a strategic thinker:

The robbers pointed guns at Lovell and the cashier and demanded they hand over their money.

Lovell cooperated.

He pulled out about $500 from his pocket and dropped it to the floor.

”They apparently demanded he pick it up,” White said. “He said he couldn’t. That’s when they started to push him toward the bathroom.”

With a gun pointed directly at him, Lovell knew he had to do something.

He reached inside the back of his pants and pulled his gun from its waist holster, which had been covered by a loose T-shirt.

He fired at the two robbers, striking them both.

Bang, bang. Good guy 1, bad guys… lose. One dead and one critically injured. ALMOST a perfect score for Lovell.

As usual, a thorough reading of the articles shows the families of the “accused robbers” confused as to why their offspring became violent criminals and had to be put down like rabid dogs. Yeah, I’m not sympathetic.

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  1. I live near there, so I thank goodness for people like Mr. Lovell. If it weren’t for him INNOCENT people might have lost their lives that night. I believe every state should impliment the same law.

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