Tell it to the Marines

Former Marine tackles robbery suspect –

DECATUR, Georgia (AP) — A former Marine, already irritated about the disappearance of $100 from his bank account, tackled a suspected robber who came into the bank wielding a fire extinguisher and demanding cash.

Timothy Armstead was waiting at the Washington Mutual Bank branch on Tuesday to discuss the missing money when the man came in and told bank employees he had a bomb. The man gave them five minutes to get $2,000 in $50 bills, DeKalb County police said.

As the employees went to the vault to comply, the unidentified man began loudly counting down the minutes, which attracted Armstead’s attention, police spokesman Michael Payne said.

I guess he should have used his indoor voice…

I hope the bank rewarded Armstead for his heroism… or at least found his missing $100!