MP3’s on USB – anywhere!? Why is this so hard to find?

Not my usual type of post, but I found this odd:

I’m on the go a lot, between work and home and the time on the road between the two. Radio reception around here sucks, and I have no desire to subscribe to yet another service just to listen to decent talk radio. I solved this in part by buying a cheap (around $15) USB to FM adapter that plugs into my car’s cigarette lighter. I download podcasts with Juice, copy them to a flash drive, and I’m off and running. I can take the same USB flash drive, plug it into my computer at work and play them through Windows mediaplayer. Today, I ordered a Coby CX-266 AM/FM/USB/MP3/SD/MMC player for use without the car or the computer. It’s another step in the right direction, but not yet perfect. It was also the ONLY tabletop device of it’s type at a reasonable price I was able to locate. Congratulations to Coby on filling this niche.

The one thing I can’t find is a player (other than windows software) that will allow me to fine-tune my listening. By this I mean normal recorded media functions such as fast-forward and reverse. All the portable players allow me to play/stop/pause/skip, but NONE I have found have the ability to navigate half-way into a 2 hour MP3 which I’ve already partially listened to. Particularly aggravating when I want to hear the rest of the Jerry Doyle or Mark Levin show I’ve been listening to at work on the way home.

Is it the fault of the Chinese company that’s mass-producing the $.05 MP3 reader/player chips for all these devices? Is this a feature they didn’t plan for because most people are just listening to ripped music? Am I using the wrong search terms in Google?

Do you download and listen to MP3 podcasts on portable devices? I’d love to hear from anyone who’s found a solution to my dilemma!


The Coby CX266 *DOES* allow for navigation within an .MP3! It’s slow, but it’s there! Yee! MP3 nirvana… well, almost 🙂