“The greatest scam in history”

I’m guessing John Coleman doesn’t get invited to ride on Al Gore’s private jet…

Weather Channel Founder’s Forecast

Currently, John Coleman is a TV weatherman for KUSI News in San Diego. But Coleman is most famous for being founder of the Weather Channel. He has had a long career in predicting the weather, working for the first time as a TV weatherman during his freshman year in college in 1953. With this extensive background, we might take John Coleman seriously when he states bluntly that global warming “is the greatest scam in history.”

The really sad part is that even President Bush has recently started to support the global-warming fruitcakes.

Well, all of this is predicated on carbon being a dirty word. And the carbon we’re talking about is carbon dioxide. Now, it’s the last remaining cornerstone of global warming.

The hockey-stick chart, that ridiculous scientific fraud, got shot down. The pronouncements by NASA about global temperature averages going up have been corrected, and now we know the warmest U.S. decade was the 1930s not the ’90s.

Let’s not forget, the American north is being nailed with yet more snow right now… and it’s the end of April.

The forecast calls for 22 degrees and snow tonight for International Falls, MN; while not a record, it’s below the average for the month.

Its cold up there!
(source: The Weather Channel)

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